How the Hospitality Industry is using 360 Virtual Tours

Why use VR tours in the hospitality industry?

VR technology has transformed many industries. One industry that will be revolutionized by virtual reality is Hospitality.

Many tourists go on vacation and they want to know what the place they are visiting has to offer. By giving them access through 360 virtual tours, you can give your customers more information about your hotel before they even arrive. This is a new way of marketing your hotel and helping your customers see what it has to offer.

If you have not yet tried this method of advertising for your hotel or tourism business, then you are missing out on a lot of benefits that can really help boost sales and interest in the types of activities available to guests visiting your property. If people are just viewing photos of different landscapes in Google images, they aren’t going to get the full experience. With 360 virtual tours  – it takes them beyond the photo into an immersive environment. Not only will VR Venue’s tours content make customers more excited about visiting your hotel, but it can also give them a sense of how amazing the place actually is. 

360 Virtual tours are still in their early stages of development – this technology has only been around for a short period of time – so there are huge opportunities that will benefit your business once you start using them today.

Examples of how companies are currently using 360 virtual tours today in the tourism industry

How are other companies using 360 virtual tours to give potential guests an immersive tour of their hotel or resort without them even leaving home?

Here are some examples of companies that use 360 videos at a desktop level for potential guests to better understand what the hotel has to offer: A Waldorf Astoria property has produced a virtual tour that gives viewers access to every amenity imaginable. They have created one of the most engaging virtual tour experiences that takes you from poolside relaxation through all five floors of their incredible property. 

With the first ever fully interactive Virtual Reality broadcast from a major Telecast at this year’s Grammy Awards Ceremony, millions are now able to experience one of the most exclusive events from the comfort of their home with Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus.

The tour starts in the arena lobby and leads you up to the skyboxes where you can watch performances that take place under the stars on the stage — including sets from Chris Martin, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars (who won the night’s top honors).

Crown Plaza to produce a virtual reality tour of their New York City property. This immersive video allows you to visit each of their great rooms and suites enabling potential guests to get a feel for what it is like without having to leave home. It makes browsing possible from all over the world, providing just enough detail so that you see if this hotel will be a good fit for your next trip.  

The future of 360 virtual tours in the tourism industry with examples of what it could be used for in the future:

The future of 360 virtual tours in the tourism industry and how it will be used for different purposes, rather than just as a leisure attraction.

A hotel may use the 360 tours to showcase their hotel rooms or apartment homes on their website so that potential guests can have an idea of what they could see once staying at the hotel. It is easier for potential guests to make a decision based on a VR environment rather than looking through pictures on a website or brochure. More complex developments may include streaming videos such as live feeds from holiday resorts with swimming pools, hot tubs and ocean views. 

With technology advancing so rapidly, the use of 360 virtual tours may only be limited by our imagination. It will continue to be used in tourism specifically due to its ability to showcase what something will look like without actually being there, but also because of new developments that are occurring such as 3D printing and holograms becoming more mainstream. As companies continue to progress with this technology, we have no way of knowing how far this could go from here, but one thing is certain – we will all definitely want to experience these technologies before they become part of our everyday lives.

We want to make sure you’re always on the cutting edge of tourism technology. At VR Venues, we don’t just create 360 virtual tours, we create experiences. 

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