Use of 360 Virtual Tours in Facility Management

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We all know that technology is changing the way we do things in almost all aspects of life. And it’s not just in the office or at home, but also when it comes to managing our facilities and projects. Today, facility management companies are quickly adopting 360 virtual tours to provide their clients with detailed views of their properties from every angle and level. Why? Because they’re perfect for showing off spaces without having customers actually come onsite for a tour!

360 virtual tours are a great way to get a facility management company’s message across. They allow users to see the facilities from all angles and provide them with valuable information about the quality of the building’s construction, services offered, and any other pertinent details. This is an excellent platform for marketing because it allows you to show off your buildings without having to take up time and resources on lengthy explanations or complicated tour routes. Virtual tours can also be used as tools for safety measures by providing employees with clear guidelines on how they should be using their space.

Working at a facility management company, you know that the facilities are one of your most important assets. They need to be well maintained and monitored for potential issues. With 360 virtual tours, we can help you monitor all of your properties with ease! By giving us access to your property’s, we’ll 360 create virtual tours of each room in every property and upload them into an interactive master tour that will allow everyone from executives to workers on the ground floor to have a clear idea of how things are going at any given time. Let VR Venues show you what this could do for your business today!

Benefit Highlights 

• Experience life-like virtual reality tours of your office, workplace, factory, or warehouse

• Help you with interior design and space planning

• Increase employee satisfaction by providing a more immersive work environment

• Maximize the potential of your real estate investment stakes

• Eliminate the need for expensive and inconvenient onsite tours

• Provide more detailed tours to showcase your facility management services

• Reduce maintenance time by letting customers view everything before it gets broken!

• Provides a more thorough overview of the facility than words on paper

• Allows for an intuitive and immersive experience through 360 degree virtual tours

• Providing your client with a full understanding of what they are reserving is great for customer satisfaction

• Capture more details than an ordinary video

• Get the perfect perspective for each room in your facility using VR VENUES’ panoramic technology

As you can see, 360 virtual tours are amazing for showing off your properties without having customers come onsite. . We’ve created many successful projects using this technique; we can show you how it works with our free consultation process. Give  VR Venues a call today if you’re ready to take advantage of this innovative technology as well.

• Create a first-hand experience for potential clients

Do you want to increase employee engagement? Do you want your customers to have a more immersive experience? A 360 virtual tour is the best way for facility management companies to do this. The cost of producing these tours is low and the benefits are high. Here’s how it works!

Facility management companies are always looking for ways to be more efficient and cut costs.  One of the easiest ways is by using 360 virtual tours of their properties, which saves them time on site visits while also providing a way for customers to see what they’re getting before signing a contract.  With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that this trend is catching on in the industry!  Check out how your company can use this technology to boost efficiency and work smarter in the long run.

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